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Roof Cleaning & Stain Prevention with Roof Reviver(TM)

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Cleaning Roof Stains, Moss & Fungus



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Roof Reviver(TM) Electric Pump:

Keep your feet on the ground!!! Apply our product without getting on the roof with the Roof Reviver Electric Pump(TM). It's easy to use and sprays up to 40 feet. This handy kit has everything you need including a 5 gallon mixing bucket, siphon hose, spray nozzle and Roof Reviver(TM) Electric Pump. This is the same great pump you saw in the video, and it comes with every Easy Roof Cleaning Kit(TM). Includes free shipping. Click here to see the Roof Reviver Pump(TM) Fast Application Tool


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 From Florida to California, Roof Reviver(TM) is the "Earth Friendly Roof Cleaner"... Guaranteed!

Protecting your roof from algae, moss and fungus takes Less Than An Hour!

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  • Here's a Quick Tip: Cleaning products sold in liquid form contain up to 95% tap water! Roof Reviver(TM) is a Better Value because it's 100% concentrated. Don't spend extra money for water when you could be getting Roof Reviver(TM)!

Some interesting Roof Cleaning Facts:

* Did you know that roofs all over the world are being replaced many years too soon? Take a good look around your neighborhood. Almost every house has ugly black streaks or destructive moss growing on the roof. Is your home next? Most Likely, Yes! 

* Why the sudden explosion of roof staining? Modern shingle formulas include a variety of cellulose and limestone fillers which algae, fungus and moss find very nutritious. The appearance of black or green stains is the first sign that damage may be occurring. If this biological growth has infected your roof, it should not be ignored. Applying Roof Reviver(TM) is a simple and affordable way to protect your roof. In an hour or less!

* Award winning Roof Reviver(TM) prevents this type of destruction, and prolongs the life of your roof. The "Earth Friendly Formula" contained in Roof Reviver(TM) is safe for people, pets and plants. Once used, it breaks down into harmless minerals that do not pollute our environment like poison chemicals do. Roof Reviver(TM) protects by safely killing the algae, moss and fungus that are feeding on your roof material. It works great on any type of shingle, wood shake, barrel tile, concrete tile, and clay tile. From Florida to California, Roof Reviver(TM) is protecting homes all over America!   

* Important Consumer Notice: Roof Reviver(TM) has met strict standards, and proudly proves it.  Our formula has been tested and proven with the Enviromental Protection Agency and top shingle manufacturers.  Don't be fooled! Many roof cleaning products sold on the internet today are dangerous chemicals that can damage your roof. Simply put, "If a roof cleaning product hasn't been registered with the EPA and tested by the top shingle manufacturers, then don't use it." We think you'll agree!

* Contractors: Do you offer your customers roof cleaning services? If not, getting started is a smart move. Call or email for more info about our contractor program! Click to see our Professional Contractor Package!  OR Click to see our contractor benefits!

* To see a Roof Reviver(TM) product approval letter: email and request that one be emailed or faxed to you. Roof Reviver(TM) is the only product that can meet this challenge. That's why Roof Reviver(TM) is the #1 Roof Cleaning Product in the World. Our toll free number is 866-766-3738. A beautiful roof is only a phone call away!

 Roof Reviver(TM) removes black streaks on shingles, slate, wood shakes, concrete and clay tile. The results are simply amazing!

Roof Reviver(TM) is your "Roof Moss Expert" Just spray on to kill moss and fungus. No brushing or rinsing needed!


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